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    Mar 01, 2019


    “The Lord Of The Bubbles" presents in Mexico City, from March 13th. to April 17th. (2019) his MAIN SHOW of bubble art for all audiences, without words, that HYPNOTIZES the kids with EXTRAORDINARY abilites and AMAZE the adults with a refined tecnique of Javier Urbina mixing THEATER, SCIENCE, CIRCUS and COMEDY.

    A dazzling display of skills withs soap bubbles based on IMPOSSIBLE balancing, vertical, horizontal and floating constructions within a charged atmosphere FULL OF MYSTERY that envelops the audience from the first moment.

    EVERY SHOW is a NEW EXPERIENCE for the audience, with renewed tricks and tecniques year by year.

    Presented with success in more than 20 countries worldwide for more than 2.500.000 spectactors. Awarded internationally several times.

    A "MUST SEE" show before you disappearing like a fragile soap bubble.

    Where? México City

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