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    Feb 16, 2019


    If you are looking for shows for different, creative and 100% original children's parties, hire Javier Urbina's bubble show "The Lord Of The Bubbles".

    Bubbles with smoke, steam, helium, fire and much more in a international top class show.

    Very successful all over the world. Show without words and with public participation. Fun and circus character.

    Shows para fiestas infantiles. El Señor de las Burbujas.

    The stars in this kind of amazing shows for children's parties can end up inside a giant soap bubble.

    Shows para fiestas infantiles. Dentro de una Burbuja GIGANTE. El Señor de las Burbujas

    Check all different show formats for your event.

    We help you to make your celebration a BIG success and remain on the memory of everyone forever.

    Contact us for more information here.




    by Javier Urbina, "The Lord Of The Bubbles"

    A job without borders

    Good entertainment has no borders, no limits. If you are good at what you do and have creativity, you can start like many people who today are famous like Bob Hope and Jimmy Buffett. You can show up on the streets and make your best debut. In this way you can earn some money -keep in mind that it will not be too much- and become visible to potential contractors.

    Social networks have also left endless possibilities, since your talent can reach more and more people. For example, you can make presentations of three minutes or more and upload them to YouTube; Even if someone records your street shows, it may be enough. It will all be a matter of you using your ingenuity to find an alternative way to earn an income.

    Hotels, theaters and cruises are also a source of important work. Since they always seek to provide entertainment for their customers, they usually look for staff for that activity. In the case of hotels it is an excellent option because you will not have to move from one place to another. As for the payment, this will depend on the company; in the case of Circo Del Sol, they pay approximately 50 thousand dollars a year to their workers.

    Expectation vs. reality

    If you thought it would be simple, you could not be more wrong. As in all work, it requires a lot of sacrifice and perseverance. But in this particular case you will have to be training every day. What is the best way to avoid making mistakes? Repeat and teach it many times. This requires that you maintain a good physical condition and take a balanced diet.

    Besides that, you will not only have to worry about your act but also about everything that implies. Production, tickets, generate ideas, makeup, costumes, promotion, lodging, food and others. Note that the exception to this is that you work in a large company, however, in a different way being "multitasking" can be a way in which you are more qualified and qualified for the position.

    Leaving the family has never been easy, much less when you have to do it for long periods of time. This is another of the sacrifices that a circus artist has to make, it may even be the most painful. You can lose friendships, loves and beautiful relationships; but keep in mind that you can win others, since your co-workers will become a kind of new family. Like you, they too had to leave their loved ones behind.


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