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    Dec 31, 2018

    Circo Atayde

    "They are 130 years of providing quality shows; The name Atayde is immediately associated with the national and international circus. It is a pride, but also a very big commitment, since we have the responsibility of maintaining our quality as it is to this day." Circo Atayde is still current and present, Celeste Atayde, artistic director and general manager of the circus organization, stressed in a press conference.

    Founded in 1888 by Alberto Atayde, "The circus personality of Mexico" the Atayde Circus seeks to continue with the scenic tradition specialized in offering fun and entertainment to Mexican families through experiences and unique moments with innovative shows of the highest artistic quality.

    After the closing of the Astros Tent in the middle of this year, the Atayde Circus, one of the oldest entertainment institutions in the country, has the purpose of repositioning the circus show as an attractive entertainment option, so this time it will show numbers that provoke emotions among the attendees.

    In the precinct of the Secretariat of Culture of Mexico City (SCCDMX) will be presented national and international artists from Cuba, Bulgaria, Chile and Spain. Among them, Ari Sandy (magician), Luisa Marinof (aerial hoops), 5th Element (acrobatic strings), Guillermo and Alonso Campa ("Topillo" and "Pompo", comic-musical clowns), Javier Urbina ("The Lord of the Bubbles "), Sergio Paolo (juggling), Duo Rousskari (antipodism, acrobatics with the feet), The Estrouberry Clowns (clowns), Aura Guzmán (contortions) and Alexis Atayde (juggling), as well as the dancers Sofía Filio, Esther Saba, Érica Flores, Isabel Ramírez, Lissette Contreras and Arantxa Huerta.


    The behind-the-scenes artistic team is made up of Alberto Atayde in the original idea and general direction; Celeste Atayde as artistic director, costume design and choreographic design, as well as Esther Saba and Sofía Filio in the choreography.

    Fernando Hondall, founder and member of Los Estrouberry Clowns, spoke of the great opportunity represented by being part of the 130th anniversary of the Atayde Hermanos Circus and the bond that has been created by working with them.

    "We have made an incredible synergy with what Ciry Atayde currently presents, it is an evolution in all aspects. What is sought is to give a spectacularity to the maximum and that the level never go down. It is a compliment to be part of this special cast," said Hondall, characterized as his character the clown" Chaz ".

    Circo Atayde Hnos 130 anniversary will be presented on Thursday 11 and Friday 12 October (2018) at 8:30 pm at the Esperanza Iris City Theater (Calle Donceles 36, Centro Histórico, near Metro Allende).

    Tickets from 250 to 680 pesos with 50 percent discount, limited to basic level students.


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