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  • ByTheLord
    Feb 10, 2019


    There are several ways to make colorful bubbles and even reactive to black light.

    To get colored soap bubbles the most practical and visual way to do it is through direct lighting.

    The secret is filling the bubble with enough smoke or steam to acquire the tones of the color we want it to acquire.

    This can be done by applying direct light to the bubble when it is already full of smoke. If you apply a blue light, you will get a bubble of the same color. The same happens if you apply any other color to a bubble and in the same situation.

    To get smoke inside the bubble you can do it mainly in three ways:

        With a steam wand, directly injecting steam into the bubble.

        With a smoke machine, passing the smoke first to a bottle and then to the bubble.

        With an electronic cigar or vaporizer.

    In the following video you can see Javier Urbina "The Lord of the Bubbles" make bubbles of giant colors, blue and red. In this example, a steam wand is being used to introduce the smoke into the bubbles and a professional soap bubble formula to make giant soap bubbles. However, with the material indicated here is more than enough to get your first tests into this wonderful world:


    (Level of difficulty: medium)

    For the liquid you will need:

    • Water ( 5 cups )
    • Dishwashing ( 1 cup )
    • Glycerina or hair gel extra  ( 1 cup )
    • 1 large container

    If you are looking for a professional and effective soap bubble recipe solution, get in touch with us.

    Burbujas de colores. El Señor de las Burbujas.

    For this trick you will need:

    • Soap bubble formula to make bubbles.
    • A tuperware.
    • A transparent acrylic sheet.
    • A pipette or thick straw.
    • White light bulbs, better if they are fluorescent tubes - cool lights -.
    • Colored gelatins (filters for lights) or a pair of LEDs.
    • Some of the three ways to introduce smoke into the bubbles.

    Place the tuperware as the base of the experiment and in the white lights, above the acrylic sheet and finally the colored gelatins (these are the ones used as filters in the lights of the theaters). If you use a steamer you can fill the bubbles with smoke and also make them rise due to the hot steam it generates. For light, the best option is without doubt to use a "pair of LEDs" type focus, as this allows you to change infinite colors in a simple way.

    IMPORTANT: All these tricks must be done with the supervision of an adult. Remember to ask your parents for permission whenever you want to experiment with new things. Soap bubbles are harmless, but often the materials and the skill required to make the shows require a lot of supervision.

    Finally, what I can recommend is that you enjoy a lot with the wonderful world of soap bubbles. Don't get frustrated if the first attempts don't get good results. When you want to be a teacher in something, that means... practice and practice. You will see that in a short time you will make your own mini shows and you will leave everyone speechless.

    I hope this article has been very useful and informative for you and that you enjoy experimenting with these incredible colorful bubbles.

    If you are looking for a professional and effective soap bubble recipe solution, get in touch with us.

    Javier Urbina "The Lord Of The Bubbles"

    Specialist in performing bubble shows around the world.