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    Custom Performances for ICE Skating Shows

  • ByTheLord
    Sep 19, 2017

    From the creative concept to the construction of a unique and spectacular BUBBLE ACT/S to be represented ON ICE. Also, special BUBBLE TRAINING for pro-skaters and new act creations made to measure.

    Since 2013 "The Lord Of The Bubbles" has pretty acumulated experience to run BUBBLE SHOWS ON ICE. He's started working with Arena International (UK-MEX) "Illusion On Ice" and from then he has been part of several productions by this company as bubble performer, bubble advisor even creative director of their floor shows for huge venues (+2.000pax).

    bubbles-on-ice-2.jpgBUBBLE TRAINING

    We'll setup the MOST AMAZING BUBBLE SHOWS ON ICE totally customized as your show production needs. Javier Urbina, "The Lord Of The Bubbles" can TRAINING DIRECTLY to your artist, ice skaters or circus performers ALL LEVELS.


    Also we'll bring all NEW BUBBLE GADGETS and pretty good stuff to get finally a REFINED BUBBLE ACT TOP WORLD CLASS LEVEL. We can create something REALLY SPECIAL for ALL KIND OF AUDIENCES.



    There are some recent works where we've been working in Europe. Take a look!


    Christmas 2016-2017 - (MADRID-SPAIN) “Ice Circus” // HUGE production where “The Lord Of The Bubbles” has created some bubble acts and effects for the MAIN SHOW.

    From 25/11/2016 to 29/01/2017. www.CircoDeHielo.Com



    Cirque Belui ("Ice Circus" clowns)

    In collaboration with "The Lord Of The Bubbles", they've included on their repertoire some custom bubble acts addapted to work PRETTY GOOD on ice and they've received full coaching about how to set up a succesful bubble recipe formula to make big bubbles , how to manage weather conditions to improve the formula and make it much more solid, training bubbles just with their own hands and much more that helped them to run more de 150 sucesfull shows last year (2017).

     yes Good job folks!!




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    Tuesday, November 7, 2017 - 13:18

    SPAIN !! > MADRID !!
    Sunday 7 January 2018 / 5:30 pm.
    Pre-sale Tickets: 12 €
    More info >>>

    Friday, November 3, 2017 - 15:17

    27.01.18 (Colombia) > 30.01.18 (Costa Rica)
    The best bubble shows return to the sea aboard one of the most luxurious cruiseships over the world: Costa Luminosa. More info >>>

    Wednesday, November 1, 2017 - 08:26

    Interactive bubble show with GIANT soap bubbles (max 200 participants), organized and coordinated by "The Lord of the Bubbles" >>>

    Monday, September 18, 2017 - 19:38

    The show has been produced by “Illusion on Ice“ in collaboration with “The Lord Of The Bubbles” in charge of the creative development matters and others related with show concept as well.

    "ZYRKO" recreates the experience of the ancient circus with surprising acts from Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Mexico, Italy, Spain, Dominican Republic and Brazil.


    Directed by “The Lord of the Bubbles“ hosting as well as Master of Ceremonies of this vintage circus with no animals. More info >>>

    Monday, September 18, 2017 - 18:55

    After traveling through many countries in Asia, Europe, Australia and America, for a VERY FIRST TIME "The Lord Of The Bubbles" show has been presented in the United Arab Emirates visiting Abu Dhabi in August-September 2017 in a very succesfull experience for the enjoyment of the whole family.