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  • ByTheLord
    Feb 10, 2019



    (Level of difficulty: low / medium)

    For the liquid you will need:

    • Water (5 cups)
    • Dishwashing soap (1 cup)
    • Glycerin or hair gel (1 cup)
    • 1 large container

    If you want a more professional and effective soap formula, get in touch with us.

    It is as simple as mixing all the ingredients in the container to create the "magic".

    For this experiment or trick you will only need the liquid to make bubbles and your hands.

    Once you have the preparation ready, dip your hands in it and do the following tricks:

    • Make a circle with your thumb and forefinger, with both hands. Shake your hands at a musical rhythm and you will see small bubbles come out of the circles of your hands. Do it several times at a constant rate.
    • Make the circle again with one of your hands. Blow through it until you get a medium pomp. When floating in the air cross it with your straight hand upright and you will see the bubble open in two.
    • Make the circle with your hand. Blow and make a big pomp. Let it float and cross it through the center with your index finger, shake it and make it dance. Then take it with your two hands and stretch it, you will see three bubbles appear.
    • Make another circle with your hand. Blow and support the pomp with your other hand, when it is very large, let it rest in the supporting hand and with the other give a kind of soft pat and you will see many pompitas "babies" of her.

    Watch the following video to Javier Urbina "The Lord of the Bubbles" in action to learn how to make soap bubbles:



    (Level of difficulty: medium-high)

    It is a trick that if you succeed, you will make your audience really impressed.

    To do it, you will need:

    Blend to make bubbles from the previous trick.

    • A glass.
    • A pipette or thick straw.
    • A table.
    • A helium balloon connected to an airbrush (sold in hardware stores).
    • A smoke machine or electronic cigarette.
    • A plastic bottle conditioned (to put the smoke inside).

    Place the cup upside down on the table. Take the pipette or straw, wet it in the excess liquid of the container and make your first medium-sized pomade at the base of the cup. Wet the nozzle of the gun where you have placed the balloon with helium and with it make another bubble about more or less the same size. With the pipette blow to make small bubbles at the junction of the two bubbles, here you can put the smoke. You can do it by putting the smoke in a bottle and then in the bubbles or, if you do not have a smoke machine, you can do them directly with an electronic cigarette connected to another pipette, as you can see in the video above. When you have them all, blow gently and you will see them spin. The effect is very beautiful and surprising.


    (Level of difficulty: medium-high)

    You will need exactly the same as for the previous trick. In this case, when you make the bubbles in the union, they will only be four and you have to make them bigger. When you have them, with the pipette blow right in the center and you will see a square bubble, rather you will see a cube. If you have to blow smoke, it will look even more impressive. Then, you can gently remove them from the base and let your work of art float in the air, rising thanks to the helium that contains the upper bubble.

    Watch the following video to Javier Urbina "The Lord of the Bubbles" doing these two tricks on television: