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    Feb 16, 2019


    If you're looking for a children's show different from the classic clowns, you've come to the right place.

    Javier Urbina, "The Lord of the Bubbles" offers a unique show in the world where the stars are the soap bubbles.

    In addition to a show that can be customized according to the needs of each case, you can carry out activities such as putting the celebratory inside a giant bubble.


    A wonderful memory that will remain in everyone's minds forever. All guests can take a souvenir photo.

    Do you want a show that leaves everyone astonished? Ask us about the different options available. From baby show or baby shower and bachelorette parties, to more formal events. Require more information to relive a unique, original and different celebration.

    Continue browsing the web to see the different kinds of shows offered by Javier Urbina "The Lord of the Bubbles" or stay on this page to discover more about the wonderful world of soap bubbles.

    Sabadazo. Javier Urbina "El Señor de las Burbujas".

    Javier Urbina, a Spanish artist, specializes in performing shows with bubbles around the world. His shows have been seen by more than two and a half million spectators around the world (Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Sweden, Estonia, Thailand, ...). In addition, their productions have been presented by earth, ice and sea. He has also participated in the main television programs around the world.

    Televisa, Univision, Canal 13 or Disney Channel, among many others, are part of the portfolio of this exceptional artist who has been amazing the world with his art with bubbles for over ten years.

    Televisa. Javier Urbina "El Señor de las Burbujas"

    Why do soap bubbles break?

    The reasons are many, but generally it is because the soap bubbles are adjusting the surface tension; they do this along its surface.

    At the same time, this reason prevents the bubbles from being of different thicknesses in the rest of the parts of the sheet. In turn, the amount of soap that is present in each area leads to the surface tension is not equal in all points, that's why in some there is more tension than in others.

    Consequently, where there is more surface tension the sheet will tend to contract, becoming thinner and increasing the chances of breaking. Such removal of soap from the surface is by the action of gravity, which causes it to move from the top to the bottom.

    Other causes

    Within the group of the main causes responsible for the rupture of the soap bubbles, we also have:

    • Evaporation of water from the sheet of the pump. For this reason it is difficult to create bubbles when the atmosphere is very hot.
    • Atmospheric factors: it's something that happens to many of us. It's about strong and constant winds. It's difficult, and even impossible to make soap bubbles because the surface, although it is elastic, is not strong enough to withstand the forces exerted by the air.
    • Dryness: evaporation avoids making soap bubbles. However, this does not mean that dryness is conducive to successful completion, on the contrary, it hinders being able to maintain them.

    Uses of soap bubbles

    It is common for soap bubbles to be used by children from the comfort of their home, school or any place where they frequent to unwind.

    There is also the creation of workshops where children spend a full day creating shows and living an experience full of colors. Both children and adults can participate, the only requirement is to have the desire to have fun.

    However, there are festive agencies that have this activity among their services. They usually offer it in squares, houses, parks, clubs, gardens, restaurants; anywhere, because they fit the area and space of each of your customers.

    In this way, celebrating an event outside the routine is perfect for children since the parties where they are the protagonists, becomes a unique and magical experience.


    SPAIN ( T5 )
    MEXICO ( Televisa )
    MIAMI USA ( Unicable )
    ARGENTINA (Disney.Channel)
    COLOMBIA ( Caracol TV )