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  • ByTheLord
    Feb 16, 2019


    If you are looking for children's shows in Monterrey, you can now hire the Spanish artist Javier Urbina, better known as "The Lord Of The Bubbles".

    A unique bubble show in the world that has been presented with great success in the most important cities in Mexico.

    For the enjoyment of all types of audiences, the family show of "The Lord of the Bubbles" can be presented both indoor and outdoor venues.

    Fully customizable with countless acts, among them is to put the audience inside a giant bubble.

    Javier Urbina is a Spanish artist who resides in Mexico. He has worked in the most relevant programs of the Televisa group, such as Sabadazo. Watch video here.

    Sabadazo. El Señor de las Burbujas

    If you are looking for children's shows in Monterrey it is your moment to have a unique show.

    Available shows for fairs, private events, celebrations. Press actions included. Contact us for a quote.


    Secrets to make a living as a circus artist around the world

    The life of the circus is undoubtedly full of adventures; One day they can be in one place and the next in the other. It is well known that circuses rotate from area to area to please the hearts of both small and large communities. But What are the secrets to making a living as an artist in this complex world? What qualities should they have? What skills should be possessed? If you want to know, don't stop reading this article.

    Life in the circus

    Life in the circus can be as wonderful and as hard as they paint it. It is not easy for each of the artists to leave their homes and much less have to travel from city to city or town to town. However, if you look for the positive side; they can take advantage of these trips to learn and learn about the customs and ways of acting of different people.

    The salary will depend on the circus in which they work, even though this industry has been in decline, large companies such as Cirque du Soleil still remain. But what does this great source of entertainment represent? First, that this circus does not hire any artist; As a general rule they look for former Olympic athletes. Second, after the selection you must go through a rigorous training that can last up to four months.

    Not only that, after finishing the training every day you must train to make the show impeccable. In other words, much of the time must be devoted to this, which makes it difficult for the person to relate and do other activities. However, despite this, those who commit 100% love what they experience when listening to the applause of the spectators.