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    Feb 16, 2019


    If you are looking for children's shows in Monterrey, you can now hire the Spanish artist Javier Urbina, better known as "The Lord Of The Bubbles".

    A unique bubble show in the world that has been presented with great success in the most important cities in Mexico.

    For the enjoyment of all types of audiences, the family show of "The Lord of the Bubbles" can be presented both indoor and outdoor venues.

    Fully customizable with countless acts, among them is to put the audience inside a giant bubble.

    Javier Urbina is a Spanish artist who resides in Mexico. He has worked in the most relevant programs of the Televisa group, such as Sabadazo. Watch video here.

    Sabadazo. El Señor de las Burbujas

    If you are looking for children's shows in Monterrey it is your moment to have a unique show.

    Available shows for fairs, private events, celebrations. Press actions included. Contact us for a quote.


    Secrets to make a living as a circus artist around the world

    The life of the circus is undoubtedly full of adventures; One day they can be in one place and the next in the other. It is well known that circuses rotate from area to area to please the hearts of both small and large communities. But What are the secrets to making a living as an artist in this complex world? What qualities should they have? What skills should be possessed? If you want to know, don't stop reading this article.

    Life in the circus

    Life in the circus can be as wonderful and as hard as they paint it. It is not easy for each of the artists to leave their homes and much less have to travel from city to city or town to town. However, if you look for the positive side; they can take advantage of these trips to learn and learn about the customs and ways of acting of different people.

    The salary will depend on the circus in which they work, even though this industry has been in decline, large companies such as Cirque du Soleil still remain. But what does this great source of entertainment represent? First, that this circus does not hire any artist; As a general rule they look for former Olympic athletes. Second, after the selection you must go through a rigorous training that can last up to four months.

    Not only that, after finishing the training every day you must train to make the show impeccable. In other words, much of the time must be devoted to this, which makes it difficult for the person to relate and do other activities. However, despite this, those who commit 100% love what they experience when listening to the applause of the spectators.


    FULL SHOWS or SINGLE ACTS. A GREAT VARIETY of bubble acts created for the enjoyment to all kind of audiences, without words, that hypnotizes the kids with extraordinary abilities and amazes the adults with a refined technique. FULL SHOW NEEDS SOLUTIONS any format ( S, M, L, XL, XXL ).

    Custom solutions to get optimal results working over all kind of corporative events, branding, new products launching, and even commercials actions. Our clients: Coca-Cola, Moet-Chandon, L'Oreal...

    Proffesional services focused to create or improve any kind of show productions. From an unique single bubble act, totally personalized, until the development of creative concept that every show needs particulary.

    Funny, surprising and very visual bubble acts created specially for T.V. performances. English or Spanish interviews available worldwide. Talks improv about science, bubbles, art and much more.

    From the creative concept to the construction of a unique and spectacular BUBBLE ACT/S to be represented ON ICE. Also, special BUBBLE TRAINING for pro-skaters and new act creations made to measure.

    TOP WORLD CLASS BUBBLE SHOW on SEA. Some of our clients have been Costa Cruises (Italy) and Talin Silja (Finland) with whom we've been BUBBLING THE SEA around the world.



    TAKE yourself and/or your show-production ONE STEP UP. Get full advice about how to create a NEW BUBBLE ACT or improve some act that exists. Also available BUBBLE TRAINING for all kind of artists/companies. Learn how to set up a WINNING RECIPE BUBBLE SOLUTION, know all about TECHNICS and amazing BUBBLE GADGETS ready for the ACTION!

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    Sunday, June 2, 2019 - 16:08

    "The Lord of the Bubbles" will be presented EVERY SUNDAY at 12 PM in Mexico City, from June 23th to July 21th (2019), THE BUBBLE SHOW and EPHEMERAL ART for ALL AUDIENCES where the artist, without words, HYPNOTIZE the kids with EXTRAORDINARY abilities and AMAZE the adults with a refined technique on the part of Javier Urbina (Spain) who fuses THEATER, SCIENCE, CIRCUS & COMEDY. READ MORE >>>

    Tuesday, May 14, 2019 - 12:33

    The British company «Illusion On Ice» and its more than 20 international artists has arrived at the Fair of Aguascalientes 2019 (Mexico) with «Acua» show to leave frozen of amazement to more than 3,000 spectators daily who meet every day from April 21th to May 5th, 2019. A total of 31 shows for more than 100.000 spectators aprox.


    This super-production on ice came this year with bubbles from the hand of Javier Urbina "The Lord of the Bubbles" that presents different bubble acts, some of them with audience participation. READ MORE >>


    Monday, December 31, 2018 - 18:22

    “FIFTY-FIFTY”, one man show, produced and performed by Javier Urbina, that combines masterfully some art disciplines at the service of the show-business scene for the entertainment of all kind of audiences. READ MORE >>>

    Wednesday, August 15, 2018 - 16:37

         We're really glad to announce a NEW HUGE SHOW produced by "Grupo Arena" (MEX-UK). Javier Urbina, "The Lord Of The Bubbles" has been in charge of the artistic direction and he assumed the role of Master of Ceremonies in this modern circus with TOP international artists and at the forefront of technology... READ MORE >>>


    Thursday, May 24, 2018 - 15:17

         An AMAZING SEASON has finished in México where more than 100.000 audience enjoyed the wonderful experience of ZYRKO 2018. From April 12th. to May 13th. (2018) "Centro Expositor de la Feria de Puebla (México)". More than 80 shows realized for the entertainment of the whole family... READ MORE >>>

    Sunday, April 1, 2018 - 11:39

    THE BEST RETRO-VINTAGE CIRCUS IS COMING AGAIN! Plenty of SPECTACULAR performances with worldwide artists involved into a HUGE show production created for the ENTERTAINMENT of the whole family.

    The show has been produced by "GRUPO ARENA" and created in collaboration with Javier Urbina, "The Lord of the Bubbles", in charge of the artistic direction and also plays the role of Master of Ceremonies in this retro circus with NO animals. More information >>>

    Tuesday, November 7, 2017 - 13:18

    SPAIN !! > MADRID !!
    Sunday 7 January 2018 / SOLD OUT
    Friday 19 January 2018 / SOLD OUT
    Pre-sale Tickets: 12 €
    More info >>>

    Friday, November 3, 2017 - 15:17

    27.01.18 (Colombia) > 30.01.18 (Costa Rica)
    The best bubble shows return to the sea aboard one of the most luxurious cruiseships over the world: Costa Luminosa. More info >>>

    Wednesday, November 1, 2017 - 08:26

    Interactive bubble show with GIANT soap bubbles (max 200 participants), organized and coordinated by "The Lord of the Bubbles" >>>