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    Feb 16, 2019


    Of all the children's shows that exist, the most original and amazing is the one offered by Javier Urbina "The Lord of the Bubbles". Party rooms, theaters and children's parties. Browse this website to learn more about the different kinds of bubble shows or read on this page more about the fascinating world of soap bubbles.

    The wonderful world of soap bubbles

    Soap bubbles are known throughout the world as liquid layers containing two films, one water and one soap.

    Get to know at once the origin of such a simple and fascinating way of making fun and attract the attention of many people.


    The most convincing evidence about the first samples of soap bubbles, are centuries ago, long before the birth of our grandparents, dating from the seventeenth century. Approximately on that date, flamenco paintings were made where the protagonists of the works are children blowing with elaborated clay tubes. Such paintings still exist.

    In this way, soap bubbles are at least 400 years old.

    Over the years, specifically in 1886, a prestigious company called A. & F Pears, captivated the world with the creation of a popular advertising campaign for the soaps that it produced. The company used a painting by Millais where a child playing with bubbles is shown.

    Later, in 1940, the Chemtoy company began selling liquid for pumps. From that moment society, especially children, remained and continue to be delighted, because this is proven by reality (manufacturers sell around 200,000,000 boats every year, a figure that exceeds the sale of many toys).

    Relationship between science and bubbles

    The reason why soap bubbles are formed is not as difficult as many thought. Everything is due to surface tension, that phenomenon that occurs in liquids.

    The creation of surface tension is because the small molecules that make up the water attract each other very intensely. For that reason, when making a bubble the surface tension intervenes and forms a soap bubble around the air that it contains, so that it prevents the air from escaping.

    It is important to note that there is a substance that allows increasing the surface tension of the water, managing to contain the air for longer than estimated. That substance is glycerin.