Main Show "The Lord Of The Bubbles"

Perfect for indoor venues such as theaters, auditoriums, and spaces of varying sizes, whether small, medium, or large. Extremely versatile and suitable for all types of audiences.

As every year, Javier Urbina, the founder of our company renews our most international show "THE LORD OF THE BUBBLES" with new tricks and illusions with bubbles in a theatrical production of about one hour, for all audiences. Since 2008-2023, which was when Urbina started in the wonderful world of integrating soap bubbles in a theatrical context, year after year has been renewed offering always a formula in this UNIQUE and international show without words, 100% pure entertainment and for all audiences, of all ages, regardless of nationality, sex or religion.

Bubbles inflate, rise, burst, and fall like a soap drizzle. Again and again. They stack upon each other, forming stepped towers. They can even nest within one another, fill with foam, absorb objects. The largest ones can even engulf entire people, like mysterious creatures from other worlds. The variations are endless. And though it all comes down to nothing more than foam, bubbles continue to evoke fascination with their undulating movements, iridescent reflections, and their ephemeral yet intense life.

Like a magician, the Spanish performer Javier Urbina generates bubbles in such a way that he appears to be merely a master of ceremonies, giving the spotlight to the soap bubbles. A silent Merlin, a juggler of slow and elastic motion of the gleaming spheres, he lets them soar freely, arranges them into almost psychedelic structures, or invites them to waltz with each other. He could also be seen as a chef crafting delicacies with a single ingredient.

The lights help accentuate the spectrum of colors that reflect and refract on the soap surfaces. The sound track is also a crucial support for the wordless continuity of the show. However, excessive volume works against the subtlety of the performance, diminishing its space instead of projecting it into a greater dimension.


Beyond the World Record held by Urbina for creating the world's largest soap bubble chain, what he generates is not just admiration for the perfected technique of the age-old bubble-blowing game but the poetry that emanates from the same willingness to embrace playfulness, expanded with a range of resources that didn't seem to fit into the simple combination of air and soap.

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