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    Apr 01, 2018

         "ZYRKO" recreates the experience of the ancient circus with amazing acts with NO animals by artists from Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Mexico, Italy, Argentina, Spain, the Dominican Republic and Brazil.

    (VIDEO) HOW IT WAS... "ZYRKO 2017"

    Small look at what was "ZYRKO 2017" with the most spectacular retro-vintage circus acts. Skaters, soap bubbles, balances, clowns and even the HUMAN CANNONBALL act delighted more than 300,000 spectators along more than 100 shows realized through 1 month in México.

    HOW IT WAS... "ZYRKO 2018"

    "ZYRKO 2018" has finished very successfully. Check into our social networks to check it out the impact, reviews and some interesting show footage.



    More information about this show production, please visit >  ZYRKO.MX  maczyrko.png


    FULL SHOWS or SINGLE ACTS. A GREAT VARIETY of bubble acts created for the enjoyment to all kind of audiences, without words, that hypnotizes the kids with extraordinary abilities and amazes the adults with a refined technique. FULL SHOW NEEDS SOLUTIONS any format ( S, M, L, XL, XXL ).

    Custom solutions to get optimal results working over all kind of corporative events, branding, new products launching, and even commercials actions. Our clients: Coca-Cola, Moet-Chandon, L'Oreal...

    Proffesional services focused to create or improve any kind of show productions. From an unique single bubble act, totally personalized, until the development of creative concept that every show needs particulary.

    Funny, surprising and very visual bubble acts created specially for T.V. performances. English or Spanish interviews available worldwide. Talks improv about science, bubbles, art and much more.

    From the creative concept to the construction of a unique and spectacular BUBBLE ACT/S to be represented ON ICE. Also, special BUBBLE TRAINING for pro-skaters and new act creations made to measure.

    TOP WORLD CLASS BUBBLE SHOW on SEA. Some of our clients have been Costa Cruises (Italy) and Talin Silja (Finland) with whom we've been BUBBLING THE SEA around the world.



    TAKE yourself and/or your show-production ONE STEP UP. Get full advice about how to create a NEW BUBBLE ACT or improve some act that exists. Also available BUBBLE TRAINING for all kind of artists/companies. Learn how to set up a WINNING RECIPE BUBBLE SOLUTION, know all about TECHNICS and amazing BUBBLE GADGETS ready for the ACTION!