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    Dec 08, 2017

         GIVE AN AMAZING GIFT to your children, grandchildren, nephews or little brothers. SURPRISE them with a NEW and DIFFERENT MAGAZINE FOR KIDS which encourages fun and learning through play. GREAT launch offer, in E-BOOK format (PDF) and also in PAPERBACK VERSION (BOOK). 

    A GREAT detail that your children will appreciate FOR SURE, of LOW economic value but with a HIGH creative value, totally educational and made with A LOT of love thinking of the smallest kids from 6 years onwards. Get the first edition of a UNIQUE WORLDWIDE collection, in your language, specialized in SOAP BUBBLES. Check it out! 


         Get now the FIRST BOOK-MAGAZINE of a series of publications related to the wonderful world of soap bubbles written by Javier Urbina "The Lord of the Bubbles"; internationally awarded artist on several occasions, including a RECORD GUINNESS for making the largest soap bubble chain in the world. 

    In the first chapter, "In search of the magic formula of soap bubbles" the whole family will enjoy healthy HOURS OF ENTERTAINMENT. Your children will learn to prepare their own recipes to make many experiments and tricks with soap bubbles and with material very easy to get in any supermarket. In addition, they will have fun PLAYING the best bubble games and learn a little more about the wonderful history of soap bubbles, BUILD their own toys, LEARN science and much more!

    How many times have you tried to prepare a mixture of soap and water at home, without success? Now you can learn how to do it in a simple, safe and very economical way. In an era where technology floods homes, PLAY and LEARN with soap bubbles with basic stuff becomes an activity where the FUN IS GUARANTEED FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY!



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    Spanish version > click here


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