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    Jan 19, 2020

    A sobering soap opera that addresses social issues such as machismo, homophobia, gender violence and drug trafficking, is Televisa's new bet called "Beat the Fear" that will premiere on Monday, January 20 (2020) at 6:30 pm by "Las Estrellas" channel tv.

    Javier Urbina "The Lord of the Bubbles" has collaborated for the recording of the opening sequence making GIANT BUBBLES. Take a look!

    The original story of the producer Rosy Ocampo, starring a youth cast composed of Paulina Goto, Emmanuel Palomares, Danilo Carrera and Jade Fraser, was presented to the press on the afternoon of January 16 (2020) at a hotel in Reforma, in Mexico City.

    Each cast artist talked about their characters and the social message they will convey in the story that will last 47 chapters. Such is the case of Arcelia Ramírez, who plays Inés, a submissive woman who suffers psychological abuse from her husband Vicente (Alberto Estrellas), a macho family father who believes he is right.

    “It is a different project that comes at the best moment in which the women of Mexico are raising their voices and asking for a change. It is a didactic and entertaining soap opera that has very melodramatic moments that seeks to convey a positive cause, ”explained Ocampo.

    The cast is also completed by Gabriela Carrillo, Michelle González, César Évora, Alejandro Ávila, Pablo Valentín, Marcelo Córdoba, Nicole Vale, help Rojas, Carlos Benavides and Beatriz Moreno.

    In addition to acting, Paulina Goto sings the main theme of the soap opera that bears the same name as melodrama, it is a sticky urban song that invites you to "break the silence."

    “It is a special theme that I wrote especially for this story that brings all the theme that the soap opera addresses. It's one of my spoiled songs that arouses awareness, ”said Goto.

    For his part, Danilo Carrera returns to television with a character from a "gang member." The actor says he did not feel rivalry with his colleague Enmanuel Palomares. "We are a team and we made a good dumbbell."

    Text: Otto Rojas / Source (spanish):