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    Aug 25, 2019

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    A surprising display of skills with soap bubbles based on impossible balances; vertical, horizontal and floating constructions within an atmosphere full of mystery that envelops the audience from the first minute.

    A 100% original production created and executed by Javier Urbina, an internationally awarded Spanish artist on several occasions, who presents more than 20 different illusions with soap bubbles with suspense, intrigue and risk as protagonists. A play without words, unique in the world that is renewed annually with new creations 100% original for the enjoyment of the whole family.

    Javier Urbina has successfully performed in over 20 countries for more than 2,500,000 spectators and has been awarded internationally several times.

    A show cataloged by international critics as a "MUST TO SEE". An unforgettable experience that will not leave you indifferent, no matter how old you are. ¡100% GUARANTEED!




    SEVEN years ago that Javier Urbina officially became "The Lord of the Bubbles", although it was much earlier when this artist, producer and artistic director of Spanish origin and made his first shows  with "soap bubbles" as main stars. He has toured a big part Spanish geography during the years 2008-2009, when it was achieved there with the RECORD GUINNESS award for making the largest chain of bubbles in the world.


    "The Lord of the Bubbles" is a unique and different show in the world that is renewed year by year with new illusions and 100% original acts created for the entertainment of the whole family. In 2012 it was the main newspapers in Argentina that named Javier with that name after a resounding success that ran all over the country from Abasto porteño to the Apolo Theater on the famous Corrientes Avenue, including picking up several prizes as Carlos Awards Finalist ( 2013 ) and winner of the "Estrella de Concert" prize (2013) given by the press in the theater season of Villa Carlos Paz (Córdoba-Argentina) that same year.

    Newspaper La Nación (ARGENTINA)


    Show Review: VERY GOOD (spanish) / Leer crítica completa >>

    Since then, his most popular bubble show has not stopped growing and has been presented in different versions and formats in twenty more countries such as: Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Arab Emirates, Spain, South Korea, Island of Aruba, Estonia, Granada, Bora-Bora (French Polynesia), New Zealand, Finland, Sweden, Andorra, Thailand, Indonesia and, where greatest successes has been harvested, Mexico, place of the artist's habitual residence (2019) where also highlights for his artistic achievements, as well as artistic director in huge format productions that travel the country year by year.

    From 2013 to 2019 the show has taken several tours around the world, always collecting excellent reviews wherever it has gone, as in the National Festival of Cuba (CIRCUBA 2014) (spanish)


    "El español Javier Urbina es un joven menudo, bajito pero muy carismático. Desde que sale al escenario se roba el show...." Leer crítica completa aquí >>

    He returned the place where everything began, Spain, on several occasions. Next video you can watch some reviews directly from the spectators who already enjoyed the show at the Apolo Theater in Madrid. An unforgettable experience in a beautiful building.


    At present (2019), he continues to travel the world and combining his work in the main show, which he renews year after year, along with his facet as artistic director in huge productions, also performing as Master of Ceremonies. Some of them, such as "ZYRKO", a "retro-vintage" circus without animals (2017-2018), "CIRCO DESIR", a circus show of international category "steam punk" style (2018), and "ACUA", an "spectacular ice showwith bubbles (2019).  All of them have reaped GREAT SUCCESS in the main cities of Mexico.


    Full Dossier "The Lord Of The Bubbles" SHOW

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    There is a lot of "Lords". But... "The Lord Of The BUBBLES"... just ONE! 

    Hasta el 27 de Octubre 2019 en CDMX - TERCERA TEMPORADA - El Señor de las Burbujas


    Javier Urbina. Bubble Artist.

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    Sunday, August 25, 2019 - 08:00

    "The Lord of the Bubbles"  SHOWING right now EVERY SUNDAY at 12 PM in MEXICO CITY, until next October 27th (2019), THE BUBBLE SHOW and EPHEMERAL ART for ALL AUDIENCES where the artist, without words, HYPNOTIZE the kids with EXTRAORDINARY abilities and AMAZE the adults with a refined technique on the part of Javier Urbina (Spain) who fuses THEATER, SCIENCE, CIRCUS & COMEDY. READ MORE >>>

    Tuesday, May 14, 2019 - 12:33

    The British company «Illusion On Ice» and its more than 20 international artists has arrived at the Fair of Aguascalientes 2019 (Mexico) with «Acua» show to leave frozen of amazement to more than 3,000 spectators daily who meet every day from April 21th to May 5th, 2019. A total of 31 shows for more than 100.000 spectators aprox.


    This super-production on ice came this year with bubbles from the hand of Javier Urbina "The Lord of the Bubbles" that presents different bubble acts, some of them with audience participation. READ MORE >>


    Monday, December 31, 2018 - 18:22

    “FIFTY-FIFTY”, one man show, produced and performed by Javier Urbina, that combines masterfully some art disciplines at the service of the show-business scene for the entertainment of all kind of audiences. READ MORE >>>

    Wednesday, August 15, 2018 - 16:37

         We're really glad to announce a NEW HUGE SHOW produced by "Grupo Arena" (MEX-UK). Javier Urbina, "The Lord Of The Bubbles" has been in charge of the artistic direction and he assumed the role of Master of Ceremonies in this modern circus with TOP international artists and at the forefront of technology... READ MORE >>>


    Thursday, May 24, 2018 - 15:17

         An AMAZING SEASON has finished in México where more than 100.000 audience enjoyed the wonderful experience of ZYRKO 2018. From April 12th. to May 13th. (2018) "Centro Expositor de la Feria de Puebla (México)". More than 80 shows realized for the entertainment of the whole family... READ MORE >>>

    Sunday, April 1, 2018 - 11:39

    THE BEST RETRO-VINTAGE CIRCUS IS COMING AGAIN! Plenty of SPECTACULAR performances with worldwide artists involved into a HUGE show production created for the ENTERTAINMENT of the whole family.

    The show has been produced by "GRUPO ARENA" and created in collaboration with Javier Urbina, "The Lord of the Bubbles", in charge of the artistic direction and also plays the role of Master of Ceremonies in this retro circus with NO animals. More information >>>